Destructopuss: His First Act of Destruction

Kitten chews through Apple earbuds

I know what you’re going to say, this is normal kitten behavior. Well, of course it is — if only it weren’t Xander’s first act in an enduring pattern of destruction.

I was in bed, cuddling with kittens, taking what was becoming an extended phone conversation with my mother. Wanting to avoid the inevitable cramp in my neck, I pulled out my earbuds from the nightstand. As anyone with headphones knows, they come out of the drawer invariably knotted.

Now, I know that strings are irresistible to kittens, so I was trying my best to be discreet as I undid the knot. As I set to work, one bit of the cord fell in the space between the bed and the nightstand.

One-onethousand. Two-onethousand. Three…

In the time between it dropping down, my realization that it wasn’t entirely in my possession, and my frantically picking it up, crunch. The damage was done. No more right earbud.